Makin’ Your Life Better Oct 3rd Edition

We’ve all had those days, days where nothing seems to go right. Maybe coffee spilled on the way to work. Maybe you missed the bus and had to wait a half hour for the next one. Maybe your kid wouldn’t stop kicking the back of the car seat the whole way to school. Whatever the reason, there’s always a little something that can help take the edge off and make your life just a little bit better.


Here’s a list of this week’s must haves to makin’ your life better.

Bored? Maybe it’s time for a good read

Roach hit bookshelves less than a year ago and is already making a splash among long-time readers and recently converted readers alike. Embracing the realities of human emotion and how we react when faced with a difficult decision, Roach juxtaposes who we all strive to be with who we may ultimately become. Get lost in the read and see for yourself why everyone’s talking about Roach.

At war with your ice cream? Maybe it simply wants a better scoop

That coveted perfect scoop of ice cream is not exclusive to restaurants, cafes and eateries. With the Berco Ice Cream Scoop you’ll have the perfect scoop every time, all with minimal effort on your part thanks to it’s heat conducting handle.

Sure dog earring it is okay, but may be your books are due for some VIP treatment?

It’s easy to just fold the corner of your page, but wouldn’t it be so much more fun to give your book a bookmark that’s just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? With the SeaOtter Town bookmarks this cute, it’ll be pretty tough to forget to save your page in the future and to not have a smile on your face every time you do it.

Kids always kicking the back of your car seat? Give it some reinforcements.

The annoying constant kicking can you really dampen your day. Not to mention the dirt your kids’ shoes leave behind on your car seats. Give your seats some reinforcements with the Carccessories Kick Mat, perfect for alleviating those kicks and extra storage!