About Me

I’m a copywriter, published author of Roach and duck enthusiast…specifically rubber ducks.

Based in New York, fast-paced environments have always felt like home. It’s simple to phase out the city clatter, the unnecessary white noise surrounding me on a daily basis. Though what may be perceived as a distraction is actually quite the opposite. Every conversation, urban nuance, and sound molds perfectly together into what others may call inspiration. Creativity is therefore everywhere, some of us have just been lucky enough to rein it in and hope it produces for us time and time again.

So, who am I really? If we’re doing this from a branding stand point, here’s my personality breakdown: awesome (at least in my head), weird (I’d say quirky but somehow the word doesn’t fit as well), driven, inspired, and strategically chaotic. Yup, let’s call me exciting.


You may have noticed several of my QR coded T-Shirts walking around the 5 boroughs. If that’s how you arrived here, then welcome! If you’re here by some other digital or word of mouth mode of transportation, it’s time you met The Shirt.

Men's Tee Ride Fresh - the one that started it all

Men’s Tee “We Do More than You Think”- the one that started it all


Ride Fresh Hashtag Always Look Back

“We Do More than You Think” Hashtag Always Look Back


Women's Tank Ride Fresh

Women’s Tank “We Do More than You Think”


Men's Tee "We Do More than You Think"

Men’s Tee “Ride Fresh”


Women's Tee "We Do More than You Think"

Women’s Tee “Ride Fresh”


"Ride Fresh" Hashtag Always Look Back

“Ride Fresh” Hashtag Always Look Back


So, are you ready to start a conversation?




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