I began writing Roach early on in college, at the time it was simply an emotional outlet that soon turned out to be a passion project. Now, it’s a published work available to the public, giving the story a whole new life. I’ve always wanted to share Griffin’s and Alex’s stories with the world, and now I can.

A huge thank you to Heidy Gomez Lazarovsky for her amazing work on the cover design, Sarah from Mirador Publishing for her patience, work and belief in the stories told and to my twin brother, Leonid Perederey for his unwavering faith in my writing and Roach.

Roach Cover


Roach is currently available as an eBook and a paperback. You can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and stop by GoodReads to add it to your reading list.

Check out the promo video below, animation Courtesy of Patrick Lawrence Mabanta


If you’ve seen posts on the free book giveaway, please leave a comment with the code and your contact info to receive your signed copy of Roach!

I welcome all reviews, good or bad! Head on over to Amazon or leave a review with GoodReads below to let everyone know what you thought of Roach. 

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